Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Mahshahr Branch, Mahshahr, Iran


The lifespan of organic coatings is reduced in outdoor applications by attacks of solar radiation, oxygen and atmospheric pollutants. Degradation of coating and recoating introduce pollutants into the environment. For solvent base coatings like alkyd paints volatile organic compounds (VOC) are main source of pollution. Undesirable mechanical, physical and chemical consequences of the resulting degradation can be substantially restricted by properly selected photo stabilizers.Tautomerization in this compounds make them to be consider as UV absorber important and effective class of UV-absorbers. In this study some new derivatives of absorbers were synthesized. Structures of compounds were elucidated by spectroscopic data and these compounds were added to red alkyd paint as UV absorber. After a week exposure to 80 watt UV-lamp, gloss of high gloss alkyd paint (92 %) reduced to 3 %, although that was 7.1 % for polyester paint. In the presence of TINUVIN 315 3206 and synthesized compounds, stability of paints against UV radiation improved significantly.
 Results indicated that fastness of high gloss red alkyd paint was improved sufficiently. This makes coating more stable and reduces the environmental contamination. Consequently, less recoating will lead to decreasing VOC, costs and other environmental pollutants.