Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Chemistry, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran


An effective one-pot synthesis of bis (dihydropyrimidinonoe) benzenes through Biginelli condensation reaction of terephthalic aldehyde, 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds and (thio) urea under solvent free conditions  is described. Excellent yields of the products and simple work-up are attractive features of this green protocol. Then, the cytotoxic activities of these compounds were evaluated on 5 different human cancerous cell lines (Raji, HeLa, LS-180, SKOV-3 and MCF7). Their cytotoxic study indicated that they possessed a weak to moderate activity. Furthermore, the higher activity of compound 4b bearing sulfur in C2 position of pyrimidine ring showed the importance of this site for cytotoxic activity of these compounds.