Document Type : Original Paper


Department of chemistry, College of Science, Khouzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran


Phosphosulfonic acid as a multi solid site was easily
prepared from the reaction of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
with chlorosulfonic acid in CCl4and for improved its catalytic
activity was supported nano Silica was extracted from husk rice
contains about 95% of Silica the size of extracted nano silica was
determined by SEM efficiency of this solid acid in four component
condensation reaction of aromatic aldehydes, dimidone, diketon, an
ammonium acetate was investigated the results were clearly
shown that aldehydes having electron withdrawing and electron
donating groups were efficiently converted to the corresponding
Polyhydroqinilion the high yields and short time products were
produced at 110 0C under solvent free conditions